For training at YOUR location or for contract seminars and workshops,
PLEASE EMAIL US. See the "All About RTR" printable flier"

"Open" Enrollment Program INFORMATION:

"Open" Enrollment Program Schedule:

Our schedule is constantly changing AND it changes without notice. All CURRENT changes are reflected on our web site Open Enrollment Schedule above. You can receive the very latest schedule via email (with up-to-the-minute changes or additions!) Remember though that this email version may be outdated as time passes from your having received it. Always check the web site schedule for changes.

Download a 3 page color info flier on RTR Sedona and our Equipment Partners

Program Status:

If you want up to the minute availability, or wish to be placed on the "Waiting List," contact us at info@ropesthatrescue.com or you can simply call our office at (928) 282-7299 during regular business hours (Mountain Standard Time). Remember that Arizona is only one of two states that do not implement DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.
Required Equipment:

There is some minimal specialized personal equipment that all participants are required to bring to any RTR seminar. For a list of required program equipment, see the Open Enrollment Program Schedule above on this page and click the "Equipment" link for each offered program (fourth column from the left). Some workshops, like the Mountain Rescue Workshop, require additional technically specialized equipment or clothing in order to participate. Contact us if you have questions about equipment: info@ropesthatrescue.com.

Personal Physical Condition:

It is our belief that persons involved in any form of rope rescue work should be in reasonable physical shape. Participants in RTR seminars should expect to remain physically active throughout the seminar and can expect these efforts to include (but are not limited to):

    • Hiking with rope and equipment
    • Climbing and down climbing with same
    • Pulling on rope for sustained periods
    • Walking over uneven terrain
    • Carrying heavy loads
    • Other types of physical exertion

Many of the mountainous locations in Oak Creek Canyon where we hold our practical sessions are far removed from the trail head and often involve a rigorous hike at elevations exceeding 5,000 feet. All hikes are less than a mile in length and on well-maintained trails.

Arizona Programs: Lodging, travel, meals, etc.

See also "Sedona Area Info"
About getting here: Most students fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, rent a vehicle and drive for 2.5 hours north on I-17 to AZ Hwy 179 (Exit 298). You may wish to fly into Flagstaff Airport, rent there and make the drive down scenic AZ Hwy 89A in Oak Creek Canyon. This drive will take you about an hour as well. If you are renting a vehicle, you should try and get something with higher clearance than just a regular passenger car (4X4 is not required though). Please be ready to car pool to the meeting location. We have limited parking.

Most of the students are staying at the one of the two hotels (which makes car pooling easy):
Sugarloaf Lodge (least expensive---hot tub, pool, outdoor barbecue) (in the middle of West Sedona)
1870 W. Hwy 89A
John and Lori: Owners

Hampton Inn of Sedona (mid range w/breakfast incl---hot tub, pool) (in the middle of West Sedona)
1800 W. Hwy 89A
"B. J.": Manager

Both are on the north side and in the middle of West Sedona and very near each other for students who want to get together in the evening after hours. Both are near several walking distance restaurants/take out pizza and also a laundromat, supermarket (Bashas) and the Oak Creek Brewing Company (
) Both offer a discount for RTR students so mention that when booking your reservation. If you are looking for high end accommodations, please contact us for that information.

Please plan on staying through the evening of the last day of the program as we do not get out early!

IMPORTANT: The final day of all RTR programs is Hawaiian shirt day. Please bring a Hawaiian shirt to receive a FREE RTR embroidered hat!

If bringing a spouse, visit "Sedona Area Info" for more information on what they can do in the area.

Other area lodging, travel, meals, etc.

Contact your proposed program INSTRUCTOR for help with your arrangements.

Registration: Read This Carefully!

In order to register for a course, you must completely fill out the application INCLUDING LIABILITY RELEASE and PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT on page 3 and submit it along with a minimum 50% deposit to ROPES THAT RESCUE, Ltd. who's address is 1400 Shangri La Dr., Sedona, AZ 86336. Payments by CREDIT CARD (Visa or MC only) can be made by FAXING your Application into the office or by calling with that information. Please do not email credit card information. Written or verbal notification of ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION will be made within one month from the date this Application is received. A CONFIRMATION will follow VIA EMAIL, if one is given on the Application. If not, it will be mailed. Final payment of balance owing must be received no later than one month before the beginning of the course you wish to attend. If final payment is not timely received, it will constitute a request for cancellation and any person on the waiting list will take your place in the course. Remember that you are responsible for your own lodging, eating and travel arrangements!Programs END by 5 pm on the final day. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT LEAVE EARLY.

Cancellations and Refund Policy:

If you cancel not later than two months before the course start date, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel not later than one month before the start of the course, ROPES THAT RESCUE, Ltd. will retain 10% of the total course fee, and the balance shall be refunded to you. If you cancel within 30 days of the beginning of the course, you will not receive any refund, unless a replacement can be found. If a replacement can be found, ROPES THAT RESCUE, Ltd. will retain an amount equal to 20% of the total course fee, and the balance shall be refunded to you. If for any reason, ROPES THAT RESCUE, Ltd. has to cancel a course, you will receive a full refund. In the event of cancellation, ROPES THAT RESCUE, Ltd. will notify all registrants as early as possible, but assumes no liability for expenses incurred by the registrant up to the time of the course. Courses will not be canceled due to weather. Participants should be ready for any and all field conditions and are responsible for their own protection from weather or thermal-related insult or injury.

Waiting List:
A waiting list is kept in case of late cancellation prior to the required time. Notification of acceptance from the waiting list will be by phone call or your email, if you provide it on the RTR Application.

Adverse Weather:

All applicants are advised to bring foul weather gear to all Ropes That Rescue programs. Participants should be ready for all field conditions and are responsible for their own protection from weather or thermal-related insult or injury. Programs will not be canceled due to weather. Participants are advised to bring tire chains along for their vehicle when snow conditions might be present.

Natural Disasters or Terrorist Attacks (yes that's right):

Forced cancellations due to local or regional natural disasters (floods, forest fires, earthquake, volcanic activity, etc.) or terrorist attacks are a risk everybody takes. ROPES THAT RESCUE, Ltd. assumes no liability for a particular program's untimely cancellation or disruption due to these uncontrolled events.

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