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See both options below:

Revised November 18, 2023


1) Host an “Open” Enrollment Program in YOUR Area

This is harder than it seems at first glance. Hosting an open enrollment class would be where only a few of your people would be allowed in, and the balance are sold as open enrollment spots in the class up to 12 people. Three examples of this are:

  1. Utah Artificial High Directional Workshop (AHDW) each April (we are on our 8th year running) See Utah Flyer HERE
  2. Cleveland, Ohio workshops hosted by Ohio Task Force 1 each year in Sept or Aug. (we are on our 6th year running) See Ohio Flyer HERE
  3. Juneau, Alaska in June/July (we are on our 2nd year) See Alaska Flyer HERE

Two free tuitions are available to the hosting agency as follows: (Each free tuition is worth between $1,250 and $1,550)

  1. The “host" gets 1 free spot for hosting the class and supplying all the meeting rooms, field venues, and so forth. The hosting agency would need to get the permissions, and supply the liability insurance for getting on those venues. That takes time to obtain so early legwork is needed to make something like that happen. RTR could supply an “AIC” or Additional Insured Certificate to the government agency or landowner if that is required. The cost for each AIC is $100 for each needed billed to the “host” after the class. 
  2. A second free tuition is granted the hosting agency if ALL the rope and equipment for the class is supplied. We would supply a list upon the initiation of this agreement to host. This means that the agency would need to make sure that all the rope, accessory cord, litters, AZ Vortex®/AZORP® and all pulleys and carabiners would need to be supplied in the quantities we need. This would mean that if the agency does not have the items on the list, they would need to obtain it BEFORE the start of the workshop. If any items for the class are missing from the list at the beginning of the open enrollment program, a full tuition (between $1,250 and $1,550) would be charged to expedite the shipping in of missing items from RTR. 

Issue with RTR open enrollment program hosting:

  • A minimum number of paying students would be required to make the program go forward.  If the minimum is not met, the course would be canceled. No training, therefore would take place. 
  • The tuition for the remaining students would be higher since one or two free tuitions has been granted to the host (depending on if venues and rope/equipment is supplied). 
  • The venues would need to be exciting in a way that attracts early registration by outside students. Three examples in Utah, Ohio and Alaska are given above/and below. The venues for these are draws in themselves. See info sheets for each.
    • See Utah Flyer HERE
    • See Ohio Flyer HERE
    • See Alaska Flyer HERE
  • The hosting agency would be able to purchase extra tuitions at full price for any more attending. For instance, if a 3rd or fourth interested person wanted to enroll that could be purchased. 

RTR would supply:

  • Student manuals (12)
  • Transportation and lodging for RTR instructor
  • Per diem for RTR instructor


2) Host a Custom Contract Program at your Agency (closed to others without your permission) 

This would guarantee that your agency would have a training event instead of wondering whether an open enrollment program will fill. 

  • Class would be guaranteed to run. No cancelations. 
  • You can train more of your people with a contract class. Up to 12 (Second RTR instructor if more than 12)
  • The total price would be a lump sum, not by the person attending. 
  • Allows you to choose between 5 and 7 days. We do not teach shorter than 5 days. 
  • Again, your agency would need to get the venues and supply the insurance for those like above. AIC's (Additional Insured Certificates) are an additional $100 each charged back to the Hosting agency.
  • Our teaching fees are given below.

Your agency would also need to provide/pay for the following:

  • Transportation, shuttle, air fare for the RTR instructor (if this is Reed Thorne, then to and from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, Arizona)
  • Ground transportation to and from airport, and training locations
  • All PPE for attendees, including all harnesses, AZTEK’s and other safety gear such as helmets, footwear etc. 
  • All rope and equipment (we would supply minimum list)
  • Lodging from day before course starts to day after (3 star or above - prefer 4 star)
  • Per diem of $55 per day from day before course starts to day after
  • Manuals for each participant made in Flagstaff at FedEx (or can be printed at a local FedEx Office & Print Center store).
  • Any extra insurance RTR would need to purchase above what we normally carry
  • 12 maximum with one instructor (additional students would require a second RTR instructor)
  • You may also “sell” tuitions in this program to other area agencies. This would be your arrangement and would have nothing to do with your contractual obligations with RTR. 

Our 2024 teaching fees for a SINGLE instructor are: 

  • $1,850 per day for a 7 day program ($12,950) These are subject to change at any time as posted here. 
  • $2,050 per day for a 5 day program ($10,250) These are subject to change at any time as posted here. 
  • We do not charge for travel time which is a day on either side of the dates you pick which is why the per day rate changes depending on course length. 
  • Fees are based on a full class of up to 12 students. Price does not change if there are less than 12 participants. 
  • If agency wishes to provide the ground transportation and lodging for the instructor, this will reduce the costs. 
  • RTR Certificates of Completion are awarded after final payments are received.

RTR would need a 50% deposit to hold the dates you select. The deposit would be refunded as follows if you cancel the program:

  • 90 to 60 days before start date of program: Receive deposit minus 20% of deposit amount
  • 59 to 30 from before start date of program: Receive deposit minus 50% of deposit amount
  • Within 29 days of the start date of program: No deposit refunded.
  • NOTE: If the class is canceled by agency within 72 hours of the program start time, full price will be charged for the class
  • Balance is due in agency check form at the conclusion of the program. 

RTR Expenses: Two Ways-

  1. The actual “expenses” including air fare, shuttle, ground transportation, lodging, per diem can be billed on a detailed invoice.
  2. RTR can lump these expected expenses into a contract agreed amount up front. This would mean these would be agreed upon at the onset and those would be included in the contract amount. This is preferred to save on billing and paperwork.

Your participants would need to supply:

  • Completed RTR 3 page Application which includes the Participation Agreement and Liability Release within one week of the class start. These can be faxed to our office or scanned and emailed. See PAYMENT in menu above for info.
  • All the equipment listed on the Mandatory Equipment List for the particular RTR Workshop you are hosting at your agency. All the various workshops RTR offers have different equipment requirements. See the top Menu Button "PROGRAM EQUIPMENT" and scroll down to your workshop.